the transfer of the company’s ownership of property transfer

Hangzhou housing insurance bureau issued a notice to suspend sales of housing to enterprises, institutions and other institutions within the scope of the Hangzhou housing restriction area. The origin of the bulletin was the new provision of notarization and open sales policy, which was also the third city in the country to suspend the purchase of commodity houses in the country after Xi’an and Changsha. Since the implementation of the new policy of the „3 / 30” property market in Guangzhou, some real estate personages are also selling the name of the company in the name of the purchase of the house, both on line and on line to teach the secret to WeChat, from the three cities of the relevant regulation and regulation policy, the name of the company in the name of the „empty son” has begun to raise vigilance.

From the auction of the land market, the government also has various ways to block the sale of land in the name of the company. First, a higher proportion of self-support, such as 50%~70%, must be established as a whole, which means that a small portion of the unit that can be used for sale must also be sold after a certificate, and not to be sold in advance. And for the whole part of the unit, the agreement can not be resale within 10 years, this „lock up” period has basically blocked the possibility of short-term speculation. Recently, Guangzhou auction of a number of land, Haizhu Pazhou’s 100% self holding land, more agreed for the company’s shares for 10 years must not change, this is fundamentally blocking the possibility of.